A Review of A Girl and Her Dog

Tony Isabella, the creator of Black LIghtning and writer of many Marvel and DC comics, posted a review of A Girl and Her Dog on his blog.

"Writer John Holland sent me several of his comics. I hope to get to the others soon, but the one I definitely want to recommend to you is A Girl and Her Dog [Diebold Comics; $5], a moving love letter to the dogs we love and who love us back.

Drawn by Hernan Gonzalez, the girl is Evie and, in time-tossed bits and pieces, we see her life from age 15 to 84. The dog is her Max, who is there for all the important moments of her life, even after his life has ended. This goddamn comic book made my cry because it is happy and life-affirming and sad and speaks of the power of love even in the face of death.

When that one mainstream publishing house publishes its annual and usually antsy-fartsy bogus collection of the best comics of 2021, I hope it gives the book a shred of legitimacy by including A Girl and Her Dog."

I couldn't have asked for a better or nicer review and I think Mr. Isabella greatly.

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